1st SEQA-ESG2 Peer Learning Workshop

The first workshop under the SEQA-ESG2 project was held in Belgrade on May 23 and 24 at the „Courtyard by Marriott“ hotel. This workshop is part of the project activities within the SEQA-ESG2 project (general project information is available at the link), which NEAQA conducted, as a project partner, in cooperation with the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) – the project coordinator, with the aim of enabling all participating agencies in the project to exchange experiences and share challenges they face in aligning with the European Standards and Guidelines (ESG).

Representatives from NEAQA, the Acting Director prof. Ana Šijacki, PhD, the Secretary-General Janko Balšić and the Officer for International Relations Emilia Knežević, attended the event on both days. Other workshop participants represented agencies from Bosnia and Herzegovina (HEA), Republika Srpska (AHERS), Azerbaijan (TKTA), and Ukraine (NAQA), as associated partners, as well as representatives from ENQA and two experts from Slovakia (SAAHE) and Sweden (UKÄ).

The workshop focused on key elements of the ESG review process, which relies on quality assurance conducted by an independent agency, involving all relevant stakeholders. A special focus was placed on ESG standards 2.2 (Designing methodologies fit for purpose) and 2.3. (Implementing processes). All participants actively engaged, as the workshop was designed to be interactive and divided into “poster sessions” where all participants could share their experiences and challenges they encounter.

Participants had the opportunity to hear experiences from agencies in Slovakia (SAAHE) and Sweden (UKÄ), and constructive discussions followed the presentations aimed at mutual learning from each other. At the end of the second day, relevant conclusions were drawn on all the issues discussed during the workshop, as well as information on upcoming project activities.