NEAQA at the CEENQA General Assembly

Director of NEAQA, prof. Ana Šijački, PhD and Secretary of NEAQA Janko Balšić, LLM participated in the CEENQA Workshop and General Assembly event which was held on 23-24 September 2022 in Istanbul. The organizer of the event was EPDAD (Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Teacher Education Programs in Turkey).

On the first day, our representatives attended the “Independence of Quality Assurance Agencies” workshop, which discussed independence in the public sector, the autonomy of universities in Europe, agencies and their relationship with ESG standards regarding independence, including the formal and factual independence of higher education agencies.

At the General Assembly, CEENQA decided on the election of the president and members of the Board, as well as on the membership of certain agencies. As a full member of CEENQA, NEAQA has voting rights within this organisation, so our director actively participated in the work of the General Assembly, voting on agenda items. During their stay in Istanbul, our Director and Secretary had the opportunity to meet a large number of delegates from various European agencies and to exchange relevant experiences with them in the field of accreditation and higher education.